• Software Development

    Appin Kankarbagh Patna is an ambitious and innovative software consulting and Services Company. Started by a group of young, enthusiastic and highly skilled engineers with excellent technical expertise.

  • Web Development

    Appin Kankarbagh Patna is an ambitious and innovative web development and service company.

  • Ethical Hacking

    We offer comprehensive solutions to meet real time security needs and a broad array of distributed products and services built on vulnerability-based research and multi-layered security techniques

IT Security

INDIA require over 1.80Lakhs IT Security professionals in a year Only 24,000 are available

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Web Development

Requirement of web developer increase day by day rapidly.

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Software Development

Rapid increase in demand of software.

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Course Outline:

Unit 1: The Basics of C
Unit 2: C Operators
Unit 3: Control Structures
Unit 4: Function
Unit 5: Storing Variables
Unit 6: Arrays and Pointers
Unit 7: C Preprocessors
Unit 8: Structures and Union
Unit 9: Files Handling
Unit 10: Standard Library Functions
Unit 11: Strings

Unit 1: Introduction to C++
Unit 2: Classes and Objects
Unit 3: Inheritances
Unit 4: Polymorphism
Unit 5: Generic Functions
Unit 6: Streams and Files
Unit 7: Namespace, Exception Handling & Stl 

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